ATVs are pure fun. This fact has been proven in the sheer variety of ATVs being sold in the market today. From power to speed and stability, ATVs come in different shapes and functions and cater to an array of consumers. Go-Bowen ATVs are one of the best ATVs for kids in Dallas. Their blend of design and functionality coupled with a high safety standard make them quite popular with many, especially as gifts.


ATVs are legal and recreational. They are incredibly engaging, but as with all things that are fun, they have their own set of cons. For example, ATVs are sometimes difficult to control and unstable at certain speeds. Hence, laws and guidelines regarding their usage should be adhered to, and safety standards should be an important requirement in choosing an appropriate one for kids.


How do You Choose the Right ATV to Gift a Child?


ATVs come with various types of engines, everything from entry-level quad with low-power engine to a high-end high-power. Many ATVs even come with speed-control options to slow down or stop when the vehicle or rider goes out of track.
Different ATVs are designed for different age brackets, and it is prudent to choose an ATV that best suits the child’s age and weight. Age and weight recommendation are crucial aspects here.
Safety Features; This is probably the most important aspect to consider. Manufacturers are now incorporating advanced safety features to make driving a safe experience for kids. The features include :


  • Quality of tires
  • Four-wheel suspension
  • Headlights
  • Disk brake system
  • Speech approach control to slow down or speed up the vehicle
  • Handguards
  • Uber handlebars


Safety Tips While Using an ATV:

  1. Make sure essentials like helmets, goggles, wrist and knee guards are not missed. These are as important as helmets for two-wheelers.
  2. Children should wear full-sleeved shirts and trousers to avoid scrapes or cuts in case they fall.
  3. Children who are gifted with or purchased ATVs should attend a safety certification course to learn how to safely operate an ATV.
  4. Over-the-limit speeds and driving on congested or dangerous roads should be strictly prohibited. This point has to be driven across. Otherwise, chances for mishap are exponentially raised despite all safety installations.
  5. Avail of government-recommended ATV trails.
  6. Avoid purchasing or using three-wheel ATVs.
  7. Children should be strictly forbidden from taking anyone on as passengers.
  8. Night-time ATV rides are to be expressly avoided.
  9. Stay off public roads and rough paths.
  10. Do not allow kids to ride adult model ATVs
  11. Make sure your ATV has a braking system that automatically stops when the child lifts their foot off the pedal.
  12. Make sure the speed-adjustment system is top-notch.
  13. The battery for the ATV should have a cover for both the child and the battery.


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