There is nothing more exciting than getting prepped for a day of off-the-grid riding. Venturing in the wilderness in search of epic trails is one of the thrilling aspects of owning a dirt bike.

Are you intrigued to go on a long ride in your Hawk 250 Enduro in Dallas? Pre-ride preparation can make or break your riding experience. So if you are heading out for an off-road trip on your favorite dirt bike, make sure that you have these items packed in your backpack. 

A Hydration Pack  

While you are exploring those unknown trails on your dirt bike, a hydration pack will help you to be able to stay hydrated and go farther. When it comes to hydration, we bet it is a non-negotiable item. 

First-aid Kit

No one wants to be unprepared if there is an emergency while you are exploring those wild trails. To make your ride secure and safe, you will want to have a first-aid kit on your must-have list. Make sure that you find the right kit that suits your need.


Your dirt bike gear must have a good pair of motorcycle gloves in it. This is because you do not want to put your hands at risk of taking a severe beating in the event of a crash. While there are several options out there for gloves, it is essential that you choose the right one. You may want to opt for a fingerless glove, which is fine if you are after aesthetics, but again you should be looking for full coverage gloves to avoid any potential injury. 


Helmets are considered vital dirt bike gear to keep you safe while out on the trails. As far as the type of helmet is concerned, you may want to choose a full-face motorcycle helmet to ensure safety during rides. A good quality helmet is worth investing in as it offers protection. 

Whether you are planning to go riding on a trial or tracks, packing the necessary dirt bike gear is essential. With the right gear, you will get the best protection. So make sure that you have all the right equipment before taking off for a long ride. Visit the Dallas Power Sport website if you want to see the dirt bike collection we have for you.