Who wouldn’t like to receive an ATV for Christmas, making it one of the hottest selling Christmas gifts around. ATVs are the way to go for those Hotshots out there who want to drive a big power vehicle. 

The TaoTao 125cc series is one of the most in-demand ATVs for sale in Dallas at the moment. And why would it not be? The design and function of the 125cc ATV are similar to more powerful models but has capabilities that are quite limited. The operations come in both racing and utility. The TaoTao 125cc ATV is a youth ATV manufactured by Tao Motor. It has a fully automatic transmission, composite utility racks, speed governor, and a wireless shut-off fob. The targeted age-group is 16 and above.


Why Should You Choose a 125cc ATV?

The 125cc engine is not the smallest available, but it is not as large as others, allowing it to be the perfect match for light riders and beginners. This makes this ATV safe and manageable while being sufficiently available.

Designed not only for younger riders 16+ but also suitable for lighter riders because of its weight range and riding ability level.

The design and function make it powerful but manageable, affording you more control.

Racing ATVs have high ground clearance, good suspension, and are lightweight, whereas utility ones are heavier and wider.

The lighter weight of the ATV due to its smaller engine size makes it more flexible and maneuverable.



Engine: Fuel tank capacity is between .80 gallon across all 125cc vehicles. Depending on ambient temperature. There are a variety of motor oil variants available.

Drivetrain: Power travels to the wheel via a centrifugal clutch assembly and an automatic or semi-automatic transmission with neutral and reverse. A single-configuration/three-way catalytic converter makes the vehicle CARB-compliant. A wireless shut-off engine remote provides a layer of security for adults to take control of.

Ignition: The wheeler has push button start and used YTX5L-BS batteries

Tires and Brakes: Tubeless knobbies mounted on a steel wheel. The maximum allowable pressure is 68.9 kPa when sitting on the tire beads.

Suspension: TaoTao 125cc offers you generous suspension travel to compensate for rebound damping, both in the front and rear.

Dimensions: Dimensions are varied for racing-oriented and utility-oriented ATVs.

Exterior: Consists of a tubular steel frame and plastic body panels and feature a 44-lb-capacity rear utility race. All the models come with footwells, handgrips and handlebars, saddle seats, and front/rear fenders.


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