When it comes to choosing the best dirt bike, many factors should be kept in mind. Your riding experience, height and weight are some of the points to consider. In addition, your riding experience will guide you whether you will buy a bike with a bigger or smaller engine or a less or powerful bike. 

Your height and weight will also help you determine the seat's height. There are various dirt bike sizes you can get in the market, and you should get the best for you by determining the seat height and engine displacement. Adult dirt bikes generally have taller seat heights ranging from 35" to about 38" with engine displacement from 230cc to 450cc. 


On the other hand, the kid dirt bike has a seat height ranging from 18" -34" with engine displacement from 50cc-150cc. Though all these numbers are just guidelines and there is room for cross over if you can maintain safety measures riding these dirt bikes. When picking the right dirt bike like the Apollo 125cc dirt bike, be sure to buy the comfortable and secured one. Going with a too-large bike with excessive power will be dangerously similar to the smaller one and will have less power. 


Factors to Choose A Dirt Bike



Whether you are buying your first dirt bike at the age of 30 years or you are thinking to buy a small model for your kid, experience level is one of the most important factors. If you are buying a dirt bike for someone less than 5 feet tall and 10 years of age, you should buy a dirt bike below the 110cc range. There are many options available, like the 3-speed transmissions and automatic clutch that helps the biker to get used to riding these dirt bikes. 


On the other hand, if you are an adult and buying a dirt bike for the first time, you want to get perfectly sized something and keep it under 250cc. If you are 15 years of age, size should be the main factor to consider. Size always plays an important role, but you should also check the experience level. 



Starting with the dirt bike, it is always good to go for the smaller displacement motorbikes. Small displacement dirt vehicles have less power and are much easy to handle for beginners. In addition, there are several smaller engine displacement options for kids that have varying seat heights that fit easily. 


For the adults, you should find the precise one of the ideal size. For example, the 125cc dirt bike is great for tall kids and smaller and lightweight adults as the bike has a decent seating arrangement.



While buying a dirt bike like Apollo 125cc dirt bike, you should also consider the height and weight. Always pick the model that fits your height and weight. For accuracy, you can consult with an expert who will guide you. 


These key pointers will help you in choosing the best dirt bike. Get a wide range of bikes and mopeds from Dallas Power Sport like Apollo AGB-37CRF-2-125cc, APOLLO DB-X18 125cc and so on. Check the website to know more.