If you are thinking to buy the best gift for your children, then you are at the right place. The kids will love to ride the Go-kart. That is the perfect choice as a gift. These karts are safe and comfortable and provide a memorable ride for young souls to enjoy riding around the neighborhood. The Go-Bowen ATV in Dallas is not too slow to ride, and they are not too fast for the kids to fall. With these go-karts, the kids get the chance to drive a car in simplicity. There are lots of options available in the market, and you are not sure to pick the best one. No more stress, this guide will be helpful for your purchase.


Factors to Keep in Mind While Picking Best Electric Go-Kart


If you are buying a Go-Kart for the first time and want to know which is the best, you first consider the factors like Safety, speed and comfort that will help you make the best selection from the lot. One of the bestselling go-karts for kids is Go Bowen Sonora that is the best 4 wheeler ATV. This kart comes with the 30 days limited warranty, an extended six-month warranty that you get for $69, and if you want to have an extended 12 months’ warranty, it will cost you around $119.


SAFETY – As you want to buy for your kids, Safety should be the first point to keep in mind. The wheeler should be sturdy enough and should be of good quality. While buying, you should not only check the comfort and fun factor, Safety should be the priority. The wheels of the ATV should turn around perfectly, and the seat should keep the kid secured. The ATV go-kart should have a responsible braking system.


SPEED- After the safety factor, the speed of the go-kart is considered the second important factor. Different go-karts have different top speeds, and you should choose the one that fits your kid. If you are buying ATV wheeler for the first time, go for the slower models as they come with some additional benefits.


COMFORT- It is actually how the kid will feel while driving the go-kart. Almost all the electric go-karts for kids like Go Bowen kids' ATV in Dallas are designed for sidewalks and grass surfaces only. After these factors, do not forget to check the go-kart's load capacity and battery life before making the final decision.


Top Models of Go Bowen Go Karts for Kids


Go-Bowen Mars


It is one of the most popular Go-Kart models, and the battery capacity is 24v, 12 Ah and 12V/2 PCS. The battery is lead-acid type; the speed of the model is 5mph to 10 mph. The charging time is 6-8 hours. Certified technicians are needed for assembly, preparation and maintenance.


Go-Bowen 1000 W brushless Kids Go-kart


It is another popular model of a go-kart that is best for kids. It has a brushless battery which is 48 bolt, the seat is stationary, and this go-kart travels up to 2 hours depending upon the terrain's surface. It comes with 3 months of warranty and 6 months of electronics part warranty. The charging time of this kart is around 6-8 hours and has the foot-operated disc brake.


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